Cad Cam Technology | Single Visit Crown

Single Visit Crown Service in Vienna

Saving time is a definite benefit in today’s busy world. Dr. Makarita offers a ONE APPOINTMENT porcelain crown using the latest advance in crown making technology: an E4D Cad/Cam milling unit.

He is the first dentist in Northern Virginia to use this highly advanced E4D Cad/Cam equipment. This technological marvel allows Dr. Makarita to use a laser to create a digital image of the prepared tooth to produce the crown. No messy impression is needed. After confirming that all the aspects of the crown, including shape and shade, are correct, Dr. Makarita uses the E4D machine to give the information to the in-office milling machine. Within minutes a crown is created from a porcelain block.

Dr. Makarita then places this permanent porcelain crown and completes the entire procedure in one sitting, saving precious time. This Cad/Cam technology requires just one visit rather than the usual two for a traditional crown. This means you no longer require a temporary restoration while waiting the usual two weeks for fabrication by a lab. In addition, there is  no need for a second injection, as there is no second appointment.

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