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Photography has always been a passion of mine since high school, with an interest in black and white darkroom printing and was the photography editor for our high school yearbook as well as co-editor at the Medical College of Virginia while in Dental School.  I use clinical photography daily in my dental practice and during  travels  my camera is always with me. For many years I have had a fully functional darkroom where I would process my own negatives and hand print all of my black and white photographs, using both conventional and infrared black and white film. All color photographs are shot with a digital Nikon D3 camera body and a variety of lenses.

 One of my great passions is scuba diving and am always amazed at the beauty of the undersea world and  was determined to learn underwater photography in order to capture and preserve the memories. Early on,  a Nikonos V camera with color slides was used and now  a Nikon D200 digital camera  with a Subal housing  and dual Nikon strobes is my equipment of choice. Most of my underwater pictures were photographed in the Red Sea, Egypt, as it is a beautiful site for viewing the many species of both coral and fish. While I cannot say I have “mastered” the art of underwater photography by any means, the journey to learning is both exciting and challenging.

I love to travel internationally and capture the sites and cultures from my own point of view. I have photographed extensively throughout Europe, Egypt, Morocco and thoroughly enjoyed a safari in a private game reserve in Sabi Sand, South Africa.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photgraphs as much as I have enjoyed taking them…

Underwater Photography

Dr. Makarita is an avid scuba diver and enjoys underwater photography to capture the beauty of the undersea world. Most of the pictures shown were taken in the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Some examples of his photography is displayed on the walls of the office.

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Black & White Darkroom Photography

Dr. Makarita enjoys traveling both nationally and internationally and documenting his travels with black and white photography. He has been interested in this genre of photography since High School, where he took his first class. At home, he enjoys developing the negatives and custom printing the photos in his own darkroom. Many of his photos are displayed throughout the hallways and treatment rooms in the office.

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