Dental Implant in Vienna

Implant Dentistry Vienna

A missing tooth can be replaced with a crown attached to an implant. The crown replaces the part of the tooth you can see above the gumline. It looks exactly like the other natural teeth in your mouth.

The dental implants procedure actually replaces the root of your tooth. It is made of titanium, and permanently attached your jaw, just like a natural tooth root. When more than one tooth needs to be replaced, dental implants can also serve as anchors to secure bridges, and permanent or removable dentures. They work for any tooth size, including large molar implants to a smaller front tooth implant.

Same Day Dental Implants Vienna VA

Full dental implants are often constructed with a crown placed on top. Replacing the root of your original tooth, the implant is inserted into the gum line. The crown is then placed over top, providing you with a solid structure that makes chewing and speaking comfortable. For information on same day dental implants and dental implants cost, get in touch with our office.

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