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Tooth Replacement Vienna VA

A crown is a tooth-shaped restoration, or tooth enamel repair, that surrounds all sides of a natural tooth and ends under the gum line. A crown strengthens a tooth. Thanks to new technology, ceramic or porcelain crowns look better than your own teeth! This is because the distinctive dark metal line of old-style crowns has been eliminated. Ceramic crowns are now metal-free and so natural looking they could be mistaken for real teeth. This allows you to smile with more confidence as your tooth enamel repair treatment gives your teeth that all-natural shine and beautiful, pearly white look.

Replace Missing Tooth

Designed to replace missing tooth, a fixed bridge is used in conjunction with adjacent teeth and/or implants to support natural looking teeth that rest in open spaces. A fixed bridge can replace as few as one missing tooth or as many as ten. By replacing a missing tooth using a bridge treatment, you can smile with confidence once again.

tooth replacement vienna va
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