Sedation Dentistry

Sendation Dentistry in Vienna

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you feel anxious or uncomfortable? You are not alone. According to the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS Education), a professional dental organization dedicated to ensuring safe comfortable dental care, 30% of Americans are afraid to visit the dentist. “Dental phobia” prevents many people from receiving the necessary routine dental care they need. Sedation dentistry is a process to provide patients with a more relaxed stress-free dental office experience through the use of various sedative therapies. D. Makarita has state of the art training and experience in sedation dentistry and has helped many patients significantly reduce or eliminate their fear of visiting their dentist.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Makes the time go by faster: Sedation dentistry patients often claim that their treatment seemed to last only a few minutes, when in fact it might have taken hours to perform.
  • Because of fewer disruptions and inconveniences, time-consuming dental procedures can often be completed in fewer office visits.
  • Sedation dentistry patients are more likely to show up for routine dental care visits and less likely to resist needed dental procedures.
  • Sedation dentistry allows patients to be kept awake throughout a procedure, but without experiencing the anxiety that may normally be associated with the experience.

What are the sedation options?

Whenever administering sedation drugs, it is critical to be under the care of a highly trained and experienced dental professional like Dr. Makarita. There are numerous choices for sedation including: tranquillizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and nitrous oxide. They can be administered in a number of ways.

  • Intravenous (IV) — this is sedation delivered via injection into the blood vessels of the hand or arm. This procedure might be recommended for severe dental phobics or for procedures that will last a few hours. IV sedation is generally safe and effective when administered by a trained professional. This type of sedation is administered by a board certified anesthesiologist who would come to the office and administer the required sedation during your procedure.
  • Inhalation – Includes nitrous oxide, or more commonly known as laughing gas.
  • Oral administration – Today this is the most common technique used in the United States and Canada to quell patient fears. The technique is easy, requires no needles, and many patients become so relaxed that they often do not even remember the visit. In reality, patients remain conscious enough to be responsive and cooperative during treatment which may involve an anesthetic injection.

To learn more about the sedation dentistry process and how Dr. Makarita and his expert team can help, please call his office today to make an appointment. He and his team look forward to serving you.