Giveaway contest!

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Detailed information about the contest:
  • A smile makeover to include up to 10 units of porcelain veneers or crowns on the upper teeth to improve their smile.
  • An exam and x-rays to determine health of the teeth
  • A cleaning.
  • Included any gum trimming by laser as necessary to improve the case and at the sole discretion of the treating dentist.
  • Pre-op photos and post-op photos will be taken.
  • All lab costs associated with the treatment as well as materials.
  • Decay removal on the involved teeth.
Detailed information about what disqualifies a person inclusive:
  • Less than 21 years of age.
  • Anyone needing implants.
  • Anyone that has or needs dentures.
  • Anyone with periodontal disease with loose teeth and bone loss.
  • Anyone with TMJ symptoms.
  • Anyone needing orthodontia (Braces).
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Send photos and a short story on why you or the person you are nominating should be the winner and why you or they would benefit from the smile makeover.

• Must be able to sit through at least two long appointments and must agree to come in for pre-op evaluation as well as follow up appointments.
• Must not need to be sedated intravenously or orally.
• Must adhere to all instructions per the treating doctor and the team.
• Must agree to sign consent forms.
• Must submit with application the story of why they or whoever is being nominated could change their life with a smile makeover and must be willing to submit the picture with the application and let us use their story.
• Must agree to a video testimonial. • Must be willing to be professionally photographed and have their hair, makeup, etc. done if requested.
• Must allow our office doctors to use their likeness, photos, videos and testimonies on all social media/web platforms associated with the dental office. • I am 21 years old or above
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